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Electronic softstarter with 17 to 590 A rated current for three-phase squirrel-cage motors 230 to 440 V, 3~: 4.0 to 315 kW 208 to 600 V, 3~: 4.0 to 400 kW

BLEMO softstarter


High End - Low Cost

The powerful softstarter from BLEMO
- a torque-controlled series of devices from 4,0 to 400 kW


Application areas

The softstarters are particularly suitable for all conveyor belts, automatic doors, drag lifts, small gantry cranes, fans, pumps, screw conveyors, agitators, mixers, compressors, compressors and machines with a high moment of inertia and all machines with belt drive.

Universal application

The soft starters of the SH31 series are adapted to the respective motor and mains data and are universally preset. Due to this presetting, the devices can be used immediately in the majority of applications without additional adjustment.

Your benefits

  • Space saving through the integrated bypass contactor
  • Simple wiring
  • Protection of your electrical system
  • Reduction of your operating costs

Advantages for the user

The SH31 softstarter is an economical solution for the user. It reduces installation costs thanks to the integrated bypass contactor, less cabling and space saving in the control cabinet. It protects the supply networks by reducing the current peaks and voltage drops in the network caused by motor start-up. Furthermore, the operating costs of machines are reduced by lowering the mechanical load.

Standard features

  • 7-segment display
  • Operating status display with 4 LEDs
  • Serial Modbus interface via RJ45
  • Torque control
  • Current limitation
  • Integrated bypass contactor
  • Two programmable relay outputs
  • Protective lacquered circuit boards
  • simple installation, also retrofitting
  • Smooth start and stop of all machines
  • RoHS compliant
  • suitable for V3-circuit
  • Two PTC inputs

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