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Frequency converter in protection class IP65/66 for speed adjustment of synchronous and asynchronous motors 0.18 to 7.5 kW - 200 to 500 V, 1~ and 3~

BLEMO frequency converter



The universal drive from
Blemo - for all applications
with synchronous motors and
Asynchronous motors

V2 and V1
Version 2 IP65 - potentiometer, start/stop switch and switch disconnector
Version 1 IP66 - without switch
V7 - 5-step switch
V4 IP65 - Bypass switch
With plain text display IP65
ER24 Plain text display
V2 and V1
Version 2 IP65 - potentiometer, start/stop switch and switch disconnector
Version 1 IP66 - without switch
V7 - 5-step switch
V4 IP65 - Bypass switch
With plain text display IP65
ER24 Plain text display


The ER24G is the further development of the successful ER22G series. This new product series operates synchronous and asynchronous motors.
With its outstanding functionality, the ER24G can be used for all tasks in mechanical and plant engineering. New features include the integrated safety functions STO, SLS, SS1, SMS and GDL, a direct PTC input and an integrated synchronous motor function in open loop mode. Programmable function blocks enable the execution of e.g. booleaners and arithmetic functions, timers, counters, comparators and short automation sequences. 
The protection class has been increased to IP66 for version 1 (V1) and to IP65 for version 2 (V2) with integrated switches.

Standard features     

  • 150 application-specific functions
  • lacquered boards                  
  • RoHs, WEEE compliant (recycling rate: 88%)


  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • EMC filter (IEC 61800-5-1)
  • PTC thermistor input PTC
  • Input STO (also two-channel)
  • PID controller
  • Modbus, CANopen


  • multilingual plain text display    
  • PROFIBUS DP V1, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK and ProfiNet


Integrated security
Without additional external components

STO: Torque safely disengaged
Free run-out to standstill by separating the motor torque.
SLS: Safely reduced speed
Braking, maintaining a predefined speed.
SS1: Safe stop            
Stopping the motor according to a predefined, safely monitored ramp. Checks if the motor is completely stopped or has reached a minimum predefined speed, then activates the STO function.
SMS: Safe monitoring of two motor speeds
STO is activated when the limit speeds are reached.
GDL: Safe release of safety guards
Safe control of safety gates with delay of the safe output.
Safety Integrity Level (SIL 1, 2 or 3) in accordance
IEC 61508 (part 1 and 2)
Performance Level (PL e) according to
ISO 13849-1/-2 Category 3

Synchronous motors

The new control algorithm up to 599 Hz for permanently excited synchronous motors without feedback ensures optimized performance and easy connection of the motors. The sensorless vector control provides the full torque from the lowest speeds. The patented pole wheel position measurement supports all synchronous motor types and also stepper motors.  


Questions about the product

How do I start the ER24G?

All page numbers refer to the ER24 Programming Guide.

1. switch on the power supply to the drive without giving a run command (start command +24V and DI1) Observe the wiring diagram!

2. define the following settings:

- Set the rated motor frequency [Standard Motor Freq.] (bFr), page 84, if the frequency is not 50 Hz.

- Set the motor parameters in the [DRIVE DATA] (drC-) menu, page 103, only if the factory configuration of the drive is unsuitable.

- Set the application functions in the [INPUTS / OUTPUTS CFG] (I_O-) menu, page 124, in the CONTROL menu] (CtL-), page 153, and the [APPLICATION FUNCTION] (FUn-) menu, page 167, only if the inverter's factory configuration is not suitable.

Set the following parameters in the [SETTINGS (SEt-) menu:

- Start-up time] (ACC), page 85, and [Deceleration time] (dEC), page 85.

- Low frequency] (LSP), page 85, and

- [High frequency] (HSP), page 87.

- [Therm. current rating] (ItH), page 85.

After all preparations are complete, the run command / start command can be wired. (FI starts and drives off!)

How can I load a parameter set from the graphic display of the ER24 into the drive ?

1. graphic display via a Modbus cable with the Modbus interface
(RJ45 connector) on the ER24 frequency inverter.

2. connect the mains voltage

3. press "ESC" repeatedly until the main menu appears

4. Select item "4 Open / Save as" and press "OK

5. Select item "4.1 Copy to inverter" and press "OK

6. select the desired data record (e.g. "File 1") and click "OK

7. The submenu "Download group" appears. Now "All"
and press "OK".

8. The display shows: "Check the connection to the
Inverter" "ESC = Cancel OK=Apply", Now press "OK".

9. After error-free saving, the display shows: "Transfer
Now press "ESC" or "OK". pressing "ESC" several times to the starting point (e.g.
"Main menu").


How can the +/- speed of the ER24 frequency inverter be adjusted ?

Assuming that the ER24 is in the factory setting, the following are possible in the stopped
state (display: rdY) the following settings:

1. press ENT and select the COnF mode, then press ENT again

2. first select the item "FULL", scroll down to the parameter LAC and this
to AdV or EPr, press >2s ENT to save, then press ESC,
until LAC appears on the display again.

Scroll to the CtL- control menu, press ENT, find parameter FR2 and press
Set UPdt

4. set the parameter rFC to FR2 in the Control CtL- menu

5. call up the menu Application functions FUn- and select the parameter UPd- there

6. now call up the parameter "USP" and enter a "+ speed" for the assignment "+ speed".
Select free input e.g. LI5

7. finally, call up the "dSP" parameter and select a free
Select input e.g. LI6
Via input DI5 the speed is increased and via input DI6 the speed is


How do I reset the ER24 to factory settings?

1. Call up parameter FrY[PARAMETER GROUP] and select ALL, save with ENT and
then press ESC to exit the parameter.

2. Call parameter GFS [GOTO WORK SETTING] and select YES, then press the ENT key at least
Press and hold for 2 seconds to save.

How are the switching stages programmed on the ER24-...G-V7?

Please download the file ER24-...G-V7 5-step switch

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